Dear Parents,




Having the opportunity to play with children of the same age is essential to your child’s development. Our playgroup offers you that opportunity. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to engage your child and it’s close to where you live.


The playgroup leader will offer your child attentive and caring support. You can also participate with your child in the beginning until they feel comfortable staying on their own.


Do you speak another language at home? Then being part of the playgroup is especially important. Through games and story time, your child will gradually become familiar with the local language, giving them a head start in preparing for kindergarten. 


Les P'tits Amis playgroup is located in the Schoenberg neighbourhood and offers children from the age of two until kindergarten the chance to enjoy indoor play time in French and German.


We hope your child can join us in the upcoming school year. Our door is always open! See you soon!